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Going beyond Full HD, 4K Ultra HD is here today and its technology is quickly taking over the mainstream of the digital display market.
Also, growth of data center industry is being fueled as computing technology continues to evolve as an industry demand.

Such advancement of display market and growth of data center demand transmission of data at higher speeds.
In order to achieve it, high-speed cable must be used between transmitter and receiver. Until recent times, copper cable was considered to be a standard solution for such data transmission,
but the technology has reached its fundamental bandwidth limits. With the required data rates increased up to 100Gbps, optical cable solutions have gained wide attention and recognition
in high-speed data communications.
Since the production of optical cable is difficult and requires high cost, the optical cables have mostly been applied to price-insensitive areas for long distance transmission over several
Kilometers. The cost has been the major concern for adoption of the new technology in short distance market.

Optomind R&D center has successfully responded to these demands by developing the world’s 1st low-cost, mass-producible optical link solutions.
Its optical coupling techniques are being developed for various applications and are applied for patents internationally with some already granted in USA and other countries.
With its proprietary techniques of optical coupling, Optomind has developed a wide range of high-speed optical cables.
The techniques are implemented by using a component called OSA (Optical Sub-Assembly), which is modified in various ways for a specific purpose and assembled with other components
during production. Optomind’s high-speed cable is AOC (Active Optical Cable) consisting of optical fiber, VCSEL, PD, driver IC, and OSA for optical coupling.

On the basis of application, Optomind’s AOC can be segmented broadly into video and high-speed data purposes.
The video application category includes HDMI and DisplayPort (DP), supporting up to 18Gbps and 21.6Gbps respectively.
The data application category includes USB3.0 and SFP/QSFP+ for data transmission between systems at data center, which is currently under development.

For the dawn of a new era for 100Gbps interconnect, Optomind R&D center will continue to develop techniques for advanced optical interconnect and high-speed signal processing,
which are the fundamental parts of AOC.